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General Overview

QMRA is very application based, dependent on specific scenarios to be most useful to decision and policy makers. QMRA tools are key to wide application and implementation of QMRA. Beginning as simplistic tools essentially established and tested Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, some QMRA tools are being developed as standalone computer applications, and smartphone applications are currently being investigated.

Currently Available QMRA Tools

Biosolids Risk Tool

Dr. Patrick Gurian and Dr. Mira Olson, both from the Department of Civil Architectural and Environmental Engineering (CAEE) at Drexel University, with funding from the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF). The partially solid material that remains after wastewater treatment is termed as biosolids or sludge. As there is a large microbial load in these biosolids there are concerns for its disposal as well as potential uses for this material.

Built in the Microsoft Excel program the biosolids tool is an easy to use interface for decision makers.

Predictive QMRA tool for recreational sites

Advanced predictive recreational risk tool

Prophylaxis decision support tool for Bacillus anthracis

Advanced exposure model for water distribution systems

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